A Quick Overview.

Redundancy, high density power and cooling capacity, diverse connectivity and superior security combined with incomparable customer service place the 360TCS Chicago Data Center among the premier colocation data centers in the Midwest.

As a client, you will be able to take full advantage of your contracted cabinet space, free from the typical power limitations encountered at most data centers. The 360TCS Chicago Data Center offers various connectivity options alongside advanced monitoring and disaster recovery services, providing the optimal infrastructure for any industry including:

  • Financial
  • Information Technology
  • Health care
  • Legal
  • Government and municipalities
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Utilities
  • Multi-Media

Designed to deliver results in adverse conditions while providing prompt, professional service and support, the 360TCS Chicago Data Center has become a leader in high density colocation and disaster recovery services.


Customization at your fingertips.

Featuring dual utility feeds, the 360TCS Chicago Data Center offers a fully redundant power infrastructure to support your business's critical operations.

  • High Density Colocation solutions beyond 17kW per cabinet, providing customers the ability to consolidate current footprint requirements.
  • Oversized, 42U cabinets come equipped with up to 4×30A / 208V three phase power circuits.

The 360TCS Chicago Data Center features a fully redundant, N+1 UPS design and diesel generator configuration with multiple fuel suppliers allowing the facility to run indefinitely at full capacity in the unlikely event of extended primary power interruption.


Cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The 360TCS Chicago Data Center’s closed loop, chilled water cooling system is designed to reduce energy consumption and provide higher overall system efficiencies and capacities.

With capabilities of effectively cooling over 17kW per cabinet, The 360TCS Data Center offers a flexible, scalable system ensuring steady performance.

Redundant, floor mount cooling units provide precision cooling and humidity control capabilities across the raised floor environment as well as complete redundancy of compressors, motors and blowers. In cases where clients have extreme power demands, 360TCS will augment under-floor cooling with an overhead, pumped refrigerant cooling option, ensuring continuous operation of critical IT systems under extreme heat conditions, reducing hot spots and providing adequate cooling to every part of the data center.


Always connected, always secure.

With multiple carriers and a variety of data feeds available, the 360TCS Chicago Data Center’s private fiber ring includes nodes in the Midwest's primary Telco Hotel providing a variety of options for reliable connectivity and accessibility.

At 360TCS, we understand the importance of 100% availability alongside low-latency and high bandwidth. As a carrier neutral facility, 360TCS provides access to multiple providers for IP and data resources.


24/7 - 360 degrees of data and operations security.

The 360TCS Chicago Data Center Security Team patrols the colocation center 24/7. Full facility video monitoring, biometrically controlled access and a strictly adhered to security policy prevents unauthorized activity.

With evolving threats of intrusion from outside users, the protection of your data has taken precedence in today's business world. Designed and built with the latest security technology, 360TCS assures secure, consistent connectivity and computing through usage of:

  • Biometrically-controlled access and 360TCS staff-escorted entry
  • Comprehensive visitor screening upon entry, verifying identity
  • Fully monitored "mantrap" – separating lobby from raised colocation area
  • Full-facility video monitoring with 30 day digital storage
  • Fingerprint and key card access
  • 24/7 security personnel

The 360TCS team is committed to ensuring the integrity of your business's data and while making sure your critical equipment remains protected and operable through any form of intermittence.